Our story begins in 1985, in Crdoba; with a card which identified Salto 96 sport shops' credit accounts. Due to the strength of its color, people named it: Naranja. An unimaginable identity phenomenon that goes beyond all dreams

Our credit card quickly expanded, first in the city and later throughout the entire country, becoming a payment solution for other MERCHANTS. These became our merchants or "Friendly MERCHANTS", which today are over 150.000.

In 1995 Banco Galicia started as a partner. The Bank's financial support gave us the possibility to expand and to add more services, purchasing options and benefits for cardholders and merchants.

In 1998 an alliance with VISA enabled Naranja customers to enjoy the benefits of the leading credit card in the world.

At the end of 2005, a new strategic alliance gave our cardholders the benefits of Naranja MasterCard.

In 2007 fusion with American Express created Naranja American Express accelerating this way a process of growth that resulted in the undisputable leadership we occupy today.


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