Excellence in Quality Guaranteed


At Naranja we believe that excellence in each job we carry out is of utmost importance in order to make a difference and give complete satisfaction to each of our customers.


The company as a whole works under strict standards, this way our commitment with quality inspires all processes and operations and is thus embedded with force in each of our collaborators.

Since 2005, Naranja processes are certified under ISO 9001 norms 2008, an international certification which guarantees best quality in our customers and merchants' attention throughout the country.

Inwards, this management model allows us to reduce mistakes to a minimum and to give our collaborators methodology and predictability for their work.

Outwards, it offers more satisfaction and confidence to customers, merchants, suppliers and public in general.

Excellence in Quality Guaranteed

Today 29 processes of our management model have the DNV (Det Norske Veritas) certification, a leading organization worldwide.

Certified processes:
  • Product development

  • Brand management

  • Planning and direction revision

  • Documentary development

  • Collaborators development

  • Purchasing and stock

  • Contracts

  • Software development

  • Software operations development

  • Technology in Computing development

  • Computing services development

  • Building maintenance and construction

  • Customer service

  • Customers registration, modification and removal processes

  • Merchants registration, modification and removal processes

  • Purchases in friendly merchants

  • Product development

  • Statements

  • Cashiers development

  • Customers retrieval

  • Development of recovery

  • Product sale for merchants

  • Liquidation and payment of merchants

  • Mediation, analysis and improvement

  • Distribution logistics

  • Internal communication

  • Security


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