Our mission, vision, and values show our strength and define the "Naranja (orange) culture". They are our source of inspiration and describe the ideal company we want to become. These are the principles that drive our day to day:

Prestamo Naranja

Our Goal

Prestamo Naranja

To facilitate with joy and commitment the life of each person.

Prestamo Naranja

Our Vision

Prestamo Naranja

To be the leader brand in both financial and non-financial services, the most admired and loved by employees, customers and the community in general.

Prestamo Naranja

Our Mission

Prestamo Naranja

To connect with unique experiences and grow through new technology-based businesses.

  • Continuous corporate improvement

    Continuous corporate improvement:

    We can improve each day, generating new ideas and constantly looking for ways to reach more efficiency. When the good ideas of one person are combined with those of someone else: continuous corporate improvement is guaranteed! An unlimited search with no boundaries and constantly challenging routine.

  • Open doors

    Open doors

    All doors are always open and there is always someone on the other end willing to listen and accept suggestions. Our channels of communication are always open and available. Regardless the size of the doorWe are all there to listen!

  • Enthusiasm at work

    Enthusiasm at work:

    We want our people to be happy, comfortable in their workplace, and we try to make each day a positive experience. This value is our commitment to feeling better, satisfied, secure and accompanied and to form groups of friends that share the same feelings and goals.

  • Inverted pyramid

    Inverted pyramid:

    We are all committed to customer service, the most knowledgeable and those who have more experience are located at the base, in order to support the weight of a huge responsibility. And upwards, towards the highest level, we have our customers, who represent the present and future, and our newest additions, which have the necessary knowledge for the quality service and warmth our customers deserve.


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